If You Want to Sell on eBay, Use Auction Acrobat

In 2008, Paul Ponna created software to make money on eBay with little to no effort. Other eBay marketers realized this software was useful. The Auction Acrobat program is packaged with video tutorials to show others how to use it, and begin selling quickly.Auction Acrobat is seen as a cure to the recent eBay ban on digital product sales. Using this software, you can post an item on eBay that starts off as a digital product (such as an e-book, sales or inspirational video, or even a computer program). Once an order for your digital product is purchased, the digital file will NOT be sent to the buyer’s e-mail. That’s against eBay’s new rule! Instead, a physical CD or DVD is pressed and packaged and shipped to the buyer automatically with the money from the sale going to your PayPal account. All this with very little effort! All this was accomplished with a posting on an eBay sales sheet.When Auction Acrobat is purchased, everything goes directly to your e-mail. You will receive a digital copy of the software, a PDF file with step by step instructions on getting started, and documentation videos on how the software works and how to get it up and running to start making money “while you sleep”. Just install, read, watch, practice, and earn!

Auction Acrobat Pros:o The software acts as a bridge between eBay and Kunaki (a site which takes your digital master and makes a physical disc copy, packages it, and ships it to the buyer for a seller fee of $1.75 per disc). This process saves the time of having to fill out orders with Kunaki for every order received from eBay. Time is money! Instead of spending an hour or more placing orders for discs, you can relax on your back porch as your PayPal account grows bigger and bigger.o All payments go directly to your PayPal account instantly. No hassle with waiting for checks or money orders, and no need to pay to process credit card purchases.o The software integrates with your choice of Aweber or GetResponse. These are two auto responder services which will save the name, address, and e-mail address of every person who buys your product. This information is very useful especially if you have other products to sell as well. This information can be used to upsell for more profit, and/or build lasting business relationships with customers based on their purchase.o Using Auction Acrobat, multiple items can be sold on a single eBay listing. This in effect provides a shipping discount as now multiple items will be packaged and shipped as a single order rather than multiple orders. Same amount of time, more items sold, more money made, and less money needs to be spent on shipping fees. What could be better?Auction Acrobat Cons:

o The user needs to be familiar with SQL or with uploading to a server or the installation videos will probably be very difficult. Some additional research may be needed to make this program as useful for you.o The software does not provide for testing before launching your sale. The first listing using the program, therefore, becomes a guinea pig. If it bombs, some money may be lost. It would be nice for there to be an included practice demo so that you can see how the program works first before a real world test run.For only a $97 investment, this program can be very useful to eBay sales experts who are looking for a way to make the sale of digital product a faster and cheaper process. Those just getting into the eBay sales game may want to do a bit more research and learn more before testing the waters. Even so, $97 is not a huge investment. If you feel adventurous, give it a try.